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Deadline to Retire/Join DROP in Jan. is Dec. 4

January 1, 2021, some benefit changes approved in 2018 go into effect.

City of Fort Worth employees wanting to retire or join DROP by January 1, 2021 must apply by December 4. Don't wait to get started with paperwork. The Fund's Member Services Specialists are ready to meet with our members to discuss their retirement plans and options.

Make an appointment today. Applications can be submitted as early as October 1.

Visit this page for the retirement packet. Get a checklist and the application, as well as other related forms.


How does the January 1, 2021 date relate to my COLA selection?

If you retire or join DROP by January 1, 2021, you will retain the type of COLA that you had previously selected (ad hoc or guaranteed 2%) for your Blue and Orange service periods.

If you keep working for the city, without joining DROP, your COLA type will change to a variable COLA for your Blue and Orange service periods.

Why will the COLA type change for those retiring or joining DROP after January 1, 2021?

For a more detailed look back at the reasons for the pension changes that were passed in 2018, including those related to the COLA, take a look at this FAQ page on the City of Fort Worth's website. Questions 16 through 20 specifically address COLAs.

How can I find out what type of COLA I selected previously?

You can see which type of COLA you previously selected for your Orange and Blue service (there is no COLA for Gray service) by logging into your member portal:

  • Learn how to access the member portal.
  • Here's how to look up your COLA selection:
    • Once you have logged into the member portal, go to the menu on the left of the page.
    • Select Employment and then Summary from the dropout menu
    • Your COLA type is listed in the middle column of this page for each service period.
Where to find COLA