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Be A Name Dropper

Nominations Open Square SmallChances are, you don’t get very excited when you hear someone say, “board meeting.”

But service on the Retirement Fund’s Board of Trustees is different. The Board’s work is always changing, always interesting, and very meaningful. As a Board member, you are actively involved in determining the strategic direction and leadership of the Fund. In short, participation on the Board is an opportunity to play a direct role in monitoring the progress of the pension and ensuring its success.

And soon, many of you will have a chance to serve on the Board. On Monday, May 9, we will begin accepting nominations for the 2022 Board election. This year, three trustee seats are up for election:

- Place 2 - Active Firefighters
- Place 4 - Active General employees in Group D
- Place 6 – Retired Police (Civil Service only)

To find out what Group and Place your department is in and make sure you are eligible to run, visit  

To learn more about eligibility requirements and the process for nominating someone, please see our Nominations & Elections (fwretirement.org) page. For additional assistance, please call the Fund, 817-632-8900. And start thinking now about who YOU would like to represent your interests at the Fund!