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Something to Smile About

Retired Police Meeting 2022
Retiree associations meet regularly and are a great way to enjoy fun and fellowship. There are separate groups for retired general employees, retired firefighters, and (above) retired police.

According to an article in Forbes, it is not unusual for people to lose about half their social circle after they retire. This can make it harder for retirees to stay active and engaged. It can also endanger their health. Having consistent social interactions has been shown to benefit you emotionally, mentally, and physically. It can even boost your immune system!

The good news is, there is no shortage of options for City of Fort Worth retirees who want to stay engaged, starting with three very active retiree associations:

- General employees can join CORE, the Coalition of Retired Employees of the City of Fort Worth, which meets every other month. The association president is Karen Van Leuven, karen7389@att.net. The group normally meets at the Como Community Center, 4600 Horne Street. Note that their July meeting will be held at a different location—please check their website for details.

- The Fort Worth Retired Firefighters Association meets the second Saturday in March, June, September, and December at 11 a.m. at the Bob Bolen Police & Fire Training Center, 505 W. Felix St. You can contact association president Ronny Allison at ronnyallison@yahoo.com.

- The Fort Worth Retired Police Officers Association meets at 11 a.m. the second Tuesday of the month at Spring Creek Barbeque, 6701 Lake Worth Blvd., Lake Worth, TX. Connect through the their Facebook page. President: Kevin Foster, ksfoster1852@gmail.com.

Volunteer work is another great way to stay engaged. The City maintains a website listing opportunities to volunteer in one of the departments. You can also find opportunities on VolunteerMatch.org, Volunteers of America, and JustServe.org. And you can always find fun activities for all ages at any of the City’s many community centers.  

Of course, this is just a start. You can also seek out social activities at your house of worship, a favorite community organization, or even in your neighborhood. It doesn’t really matter what you do to stay socially engaged, just so you do something.  

So what are you waiting for? If you are retired, or getting ready to retire, it’s a great time to make a plan on what you will do to stay active and engaged with others. Because after all these years of serving our city, it’s time you got to serve yourself!