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Announcing our recent retirees

Congratulations to the following employees who retired between July and September 2022. Please note this is not all of the retirees, only those who requested to have their name published at the time they retired.

Jesus Arranaga
Rodney Bangs
Amy Burkhart
Robert Chambers
David Creek
Richard Dallof
Joseph Farah
David Fowler
Virginia Frias
Eddie Garcia
Kimberly Garrett
William Girton
Jacqueline Hardwick
James Howard
David Jackson
Boyd Latham
James Mallard
John McGee 
Carmen Olivo
Sylvia Polk
Homer Robertson
Elena Rosas 
Nelson Rowls
Carl Sanderson
Johnny Sao
Mark Serebro
Gregory Simmons
Janet Villanueva
Leslie Woodard

Is your name missing? Please email jeff.rodriguez@fwretirement.org  Retiree lists are published intermittently.