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Why You Should Chat Up That Stranger

Although we may dread it, small talk (yes, even outside our social circles) has big benefits.
Excerpted from AARP  - April 3. 2023

Not too many people actually like idle chatter. It can feel awkward and pointless. And ever since the pandemic and the whole social distancing thing, many of us have gotten used to not really having casual conversations with people we don’t know. 

But light chitchat with people outside of your social circle (yes, strangers — just use situational awareness and stick to populated areas) can pay off in many ways.

"Small talk can be the entry point to new friendships,” says Nicole Murray, Psy.D., a neuropsychologist at New York Neurobehavioral Services. “It can help reveal common interests with strangers, leading to meaningful connections, especially in middle age.”

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