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Letter regarding data breach

Recently, some City of Fort Worth retirees and employees received a letter from an organization called PBI Research Services. This letter stated that there had been a data breach at the organization and some personal information may have been compromised. We want to assure our members of two things regarding this letter:

- First, the Retirement Fund has no relationship with PBI.

- Second, the Fund has not had a breach of our members’ data.

Therefore, no action is required of Fund members at this time regarding their Fund retirement accounts.

The letter includes information on steps people can take to protect their personal information, as well as a phone number you can call. If you would like more information about the possible data breach, or you think you should have received a letter, you may want to contact PBI directly. The number they provided is 866-676-3915.

The Retirement Fund is committed to protecting your personal information. Should we happen to receive a security alert from one of our vendors, be assured we will inform you of it as quickly as possible. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.