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Attend Pre-Retirement Seminar on Facebook!

The Retirement Fund wants to keep you up-to-date on what's happening in our world. The Fund's Facebook page has stories about your pension plan, life after retirement, our office closing schedule and, best of all, we highlight recent retirees with a picture and their plans for their retirement years, whether that's gardening, fishing or moving on to another job.

AND NOW, you can watch our Pre-Retirement Seminar on Facebook in three parts! If you plan to retire within five years, you definitely should  attend this seminar. Just go to our Facebook page and watch the Pre-Retirement Seminar (under Videos). If you have questions after you have watched it, call your Member Services Specialist and she will answer any questions you might have. Your Specialist is determined by the first letter of your last name. They are:

Jennifer Sierra (A-G)

Melissa McDougall (H-P)

Carla Perez (Q-Z)